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ginger to stimulate sexual desire

Ginger is a type of herb known since ancient times as a heated body. beside for cooking ginger plant was also useful for herbal remedies. the benefit of ginger is also to stimulate sexual performance for men and women.

Since the days of yore royal ginger was believed to sexual performance of kings. The kings and queens often served foods derived from ginger to enhance their sexual appetite.

As quoted Hub pages, a study in Nigeria revealed ginger can increase testosterone levels. The study tested the effects of ginger in rats. For eight days the rats infused by ginger water. The results revealed that testosterone levels and cholesterol levels increased testosterone in rats.

The smell of ginger is also believed to stimulate sexual desire. To warm up and arouse sexual desire, put aromatherapy or scented lotions ginger in your room to add intimacy with a partner.

Ginger can also be mixed into your dinner. The content of potassium,magnesium, copper and vitamin B6 from ginger serves to warm the body and improve sexual performance. Also, ginger also gives sensitive effects on the body when the couple touched.

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