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turmeric for cancer

scientists are examining the efficacy of turmeric extract based contained in foods spicy curry. Initial allegations, the extract has the potential to killcancer cells.
No kidding, extract it worked on the first 24 hours after consumption. Such chemical urcumin has long been known to have the power to restore power and been tested as a treatment of arthritis and senility.
Although still in the laboratory, tests by a team from the Cork Cancer ResearchCentre showed the destroyed curcumin on esophageal cance cells.
Several cancer experts said the findings published in the British Journal ofCancer that can help doctors find ways of treatment outside the medical model now.
A member of the research team, Dr. Sharon McKenna, acknowledged that researchers have long known the potential of natural ingredients that heal the wrong cells, such as curcumin.
UK doctors hope the findings of more advanced for the treatment of esophageal cancer. Each year about 7800 people in Britain diagnosed with throat cancer.
Cancer came in six major types of fatal cancers, or about 5 percent of deaths in the UK. From the standpoint of resources, Indonesia is one country that has many potential medicinal herbs.

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