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history of aloe vera

Aloe Vera (Latin: Aloe barbadensis Milleer) is a thorny plant that originated from dry regions on the African continent. Aloe Vera has been known and used since thousands of years ago because of the efficacy and excellent benefits.

The historical record is there mention that the ancient Egyptians already know the benefits of aloe vera as a medical plant since 1500 BC. Because the benefits ofaloe vera is so extraordinary, the ancient Egyptians called Aloe vera plant as the plant of immortality.

Not only that, a physician of ancient Greece named Dioscordes, indicate if one of the benefits of aloe vera which has efficacy for treating various types of diseases (Antioxidants in aloe vera for our health ). For example, sore throat, ulcers, hair loss, hemorrhoids, and skin bruising, cracking and abrasions. (aloe vera for beauty )

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