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herbal plant usage

Natural materials used in the treatment ( herbal) plant either as drugs or drug substances showed a tendency to increase in its use. The increasing use of temu lawak showed the increasing public confidence in the efficacy and safety, because its use is no longer solely based on empirical experience of a traditional course, but already has the support of scientific data based on research. The use of natural materials as medicinal plants are now divided into three part namely:
  • as a herbal medicine or herbal remedies (traditional), also knows as herb. drug dosage which is basically a crude drug material, manufacturing is still very simple way, by boiled or brewed with hot water, its use is based on experiences from generation to generation, and have no aspect assurance of quality. 
  • Another usage is as standardized herbal preparations, namely herbal medicine that essentially no longer a crude drug material, but extracts of the quality and levels can be controlled, efficacy and safety have been through testing clinically in the form of testing in animals, as well as its active chemical constituents which have been defined. 
  • The use of the most desirable is its use as a dosage fitofarmaka (modern drug that uses herbal plants in its composition), namely preparations such as standardized herbal preparations, but it has undergone and passed the testing clinic. Fitofarmaka dosage is dosage of herbal medicine quality assurance equivalent to synthetic drugs, so the fitofarmaka dosage will be a drug preparations of origin t plant hat is no longer the alternative in the treatment, but become equal partners of synthetic drugs in the formal health care system.