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Turmeric: Herbal Remedies for Ulcer

Indonesia is a country rich in biodiversity. This has not been much studied. So many plants native to Indonesia have not been studied, especially the benefits of healing diseases, or become herbal remedies. for example is people with ulcer disease. Besides taking medicines provided by doctors, we can turns out this disease (cured) by eating turmeric, which are found in every kitchen in the house. so turmeric is one of well known herbal remedies to cure ulcer or heartburn.

Some plants that have been widely studied for use as drug heart burn include turmeric. Turmeric (Curcuma longa or C. domestica), is one of the most known herb plants to the public. The properties of turmeric to heal wounds that have been reported since 1953. The results showed, turmeric increased 23.3 percent rate of healing in rabbits and 24.4 percent in mice.

This discovery and its use traditionally for dyspepsia, stimulate further research.The aqueous or giving extract or ethanolic turmeric extract in rabbits orally significantly reduce gastric acid secretion and increase mucus production in gastric mucosa. In fact, healing is done by neutralizing stomach acid, reduce gastric acid production, treating the infection on gastric mucous membrane, and reduces pain due to irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach wall or muscle spasms.

Besides eating turmeric that has been processed into a drink, the patient is also advised to eat small amounts but often. Healing heartburn can also use medicinal or herb plants. With a mix of plants that have demulcent properties, antacids, and astringent, will be able to obtain the best dosage for the treatment of wounds of the intestine. Each dose is 165 mg / kg body weight for turmeric juice and 10 grams / kg body weight for turmeric powder.

Identification effort of the active ingredients of turmeric curcumin leds to the discovery. Experimentally curcumin effectively prevent and improve gastric injury induced by phenylbutazone and aspirin. Curcumin enhance gastric mucus stomach pains, so the activity can be explained by stimulation of mucus production. Clinical trials in patients with turmeric effects done on 10 patients.

Drugs were given orally at a dose of two capsules of 250 mg four times daily, half to one hour before meals and before bed. Periodic endoscopic examination carried out before treatment and 4, 8, 12 weeks after treatment. Ulcer completely healed in five patients within four weeks or seven patients in four to 12 weeks.

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